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Extra Services
What we offer

We do more than just offer the best hosting and Domain prices in the world. We offer a broad range of services that people demand and that other companies just won't deliver. Domain transfers between registrars, FTP upload of your information to your hosting, Custom edits to your existing website with out designing a whole new site, Installation of applications on Hosting accounts and more.

Please note: "Some of these services may only be supported through email, because of this our phone technicians may not be able to assist you"

At Big X Hosting, we provide the highest quality service to our customers. We offer a wide array of tailored services ranging from customized websites and high-speed dedicated webhosting to logo design, printing, and marketing strategy. We can provide you with complete design and creative services to take your marketing concepts from the drawing board to the final product. Coupled with our powerful network infrastructure and highly knowledgeable marketing staff, your business will have no choice but to excel.


Why worry about transferring your domain yourself? Let us take care of the work while you enjoy your day. You provide us the information we need and we will make sure your domain shows up in your account.

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FTP Concierge

Having problems getting that template uploaded to your hosting account? Maybe you need a theme or template installed in Drupal or Wordpress? We can help.

  • We can upload your site
  • Create a Mysql database
  • Restore Databases
  • Migrate / Upgrade your information from one plan to another
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Need product setup?

Did you purchase hosting? Email? Outlook Exchange? Search Engine Visibility, Site Analytics, SSL, Quick shopping cart, or something else? If you answered yes and you don't feel comfortable setting something up or don't have the time. Let us do it for you.

Most things can be set up with in 24hrs or less.

  • Save time
  • Ensures your products are set up correctly
  • Get the most out of your products
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competition

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Advance Design Group

Are you looking to brand your business or yourself? The value of a logo and/or website is almost priceless when your company becomes famous. Our design group makes companies successful because we know what makes a design stand out.

We provide you with:
  • Your own Web site consultant to guide you through every step of the process
  • A great looking functional site
  • Monthly updates to keep your site and content fresh and up-to-date
  • Hosting—With 99.9% guaranteed up-time and 24/7 support, your site is always up and running

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