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Hosting Basics

What's the difference between Linux and Windows Operating systems?

The operating system that you use on your computer should not govern your choice of hosting platform. All Big X Hosting packages come with FTP access and a wide range of web page publishing options. If, for example, your computer runs on Microsoft® Windows®, you are not obligated to choose Microsoft web hosting.
Compare the advantages

Both technologies are suitable for beginners, professional web developers, and everyone in between, but it is essential to choose the technology that is more suited to your style of web building. Each technology has its own distinct advantages for users. Read FAQ'sClick here to save big on Big X Hosting Shared Hosting plans

bigxhosting_checkmark icon Linux hosting

 linux iconLinux Hosting Linux is considered to be the popular operating system for web hosting servers.

If you plan to incorporate work that uses PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the solution you should choose. Linux is also ideal for the kind of websites that display information as a brochure, in newsletter format or as data sheets. Linux works well for 'brochure-ware' sites that offer interaction via inquiry forms, online purchasing and other e-commerce functions.

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 bigxhosting_checkmark iconWindows Hosting


window icon big x hostingMicrosoft should be your choice of platform if you plan on utilizing Active Server Pages or other Microsoft applications to design your web pages. MS hosting also offers an advantage if you wish to incorporate searchable databases into your website. The Microsoft platform delivers reduced development time and better functionality for databases.

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The power of open Source

Open source applications are a finer way to implement solutions in a quick way, however they may not suit all business needs. We offer one button installation and compatibly for some of the worlds finest and most used open source platforms.

bigxhosting_opensource application icons


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WordPress is an advanced blogging system published in PHP backed up with a MySQL database. According to the WordPress website, it has state-of-the-art features focusing on aesthetics, web standards and usability. Launched as open source software, it is free to use. This implies that it is supported by a vibrant community of developers around the world for its continuous improvement. Some of the features of WordPress are as below: Click here purchase wordpress hosting from Big X Hosting

checkTemplate system with widgets that can be rearranged without editing code
check Easy installation of themes
check Editing of themes for advanced customization
check Integrated link management along with clean perma-link structure
checkAssigning nested and multiple categories to articles
checkMultiple author capability
check Tagging of posts and articles
check Rich plug in architecture for extended functionality


Drupal is a sophisticated and powerful Content Management System that is free to download and use under the GNU license.
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Being easy to manage and administer large amounts of data. Using Drupal, it is possible to build a fully scalable solutions that takes far less time to develop than trying to develop applications from scratch. This is possible due to the modular approach of Drupal. Presently, there are thousands of open source modules available that makes Drupal development simple and effective. Today, Drupal is being power to thousands of websites such as: Click here purchase drupal hosting from Big X Hosting

bigxhosting_checkmark iconCommunity Websites and Community Portals
bigxhosting_checkmark iconCorporate Websites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconPersonal Websites and Blogs
bigxhosting_checkmark iconDating and Matrimonial Sites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconJob Portals
bigxhosting_checkmark iconEcommerce Applications
bigxhosting_checkmark iconSocial Networking Sites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconDiscussion Sites and Intranet Applications

With the power of Drupal and because of its flexible modular approach, it is possible to develop features such as:

bigxhosting_checkmark iconNewsletters
bigxhosting_checkmark iconPodcasting
bigxhosting_checkmark iconBlogs and Forums
bigxhosting_checkmark iconNewsletters and Picture Galleries
bigxhosting_checkmark iconFile Uploads and Downloads
bigxhosting_checkmark iconContent Management Systems


As the use of the internet is increasing rapidly around the world, website managers are realizing they need more Click here purchase Joomla hosting from Big X Hosting
control to manage their website content. Joomla CMS serves their need to keep their website content fresh and updated to obtain higher traffic and better search engine rankings. Joomla can be effectively used to build websites easily even by non-technical users. Joomla can be used to build a wide variety of websites including: Click here purchase Joomla hosting from Big X Hosting

bigxhosting_checkmark iconPersonal Websites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconCorporate Websites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconCharity and NGO websites
bigxhosting_checkmark iconOnline News and publications